Are You On Retirement? 5 Ways To Make Extra Income For Seniors

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You are on your retirement that means you have a fixed income/budget to spend. But not every month, every time you can’t rely on that fixed budget. Life expense varies so it is must need a term to make extra income for seniors or those who are about to go on their retirement.

There’s plenty of ways that can bring you extra money on your leisure time. What you need to do follow some proper steps and work intelligently. Here you can find some easy and fastest ways to earn extra income for seniors.


(1) Earn Through Online Surveys

Surveys are the pretty easy thing to do for extra earning. If you hesitate where to start it can be your first step of your making extra income. There are plenty of survey site which can give you handsome money if you are patient enough. But to be honest this is a very slow process. You earn a little amount of dollar for first few months. But if you’re a patient and stick with these surveys, you can make $100-$500 money after 6 months or a year. To read the top survey websites you can read our article on it and can have a proper guideline.


(2) Drive Uber

Drive your taxi or register your car on uber is another great thing to start for earning your extra income. On your leisure you can go out with your car and open your Uber app open. Thus, you can earn money from people who take a ride on your car through Uber. The retired people are now tending to drive uber to earn their extra income.


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(3) Rent Your Extra Room

If you own a house you can always rent your extra space or room. It generates you a handsome money each week. Nowadays, Airbnb, Roomster, make it easy to list your extra room space to rent. Through these websites, you can easily list your room for rent online and can easily get people who are searching for rent. Don’t know how to list your room on these websites? See our full guide on it.


(4) Writing

Writing is always an easy option to earn extra income. You can start freelancing writing to be paid. Can write for newspapers magazines. Also, you can write greeting cards on various occasions. This thing sells a lot over Europe. You can also enter a writing contest to earn some extra money to spend.


(5) Baby Sitting

It is one of the most common extra earning sources for seniors. People like retired or old persons to take care of their children while they are out from home. If you can tolerate or like children, you can start your extra income by doing the babysitting job. You can advertise yourself for babysitting on your own or go to to find babysitting jobs nearby you.


There are lots of income sources out there but you have to pick the suitable one for you. We have made this list with our practical research and surveys and have tried to give you the best and effective opportunities for you.

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