Best WordPress Plugins To Make Your SEO Super Easy

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After hearing thousands of times about “Yoast SEO” as the best WordPress plugins for SEO, why you might search for another? Here’s your answer today in the article below.

There is always an alternative for everything. Though the Yoast SEO is quoted “the best” around the world, we have found a competitor of this WordPress plugin that you might use.


First let us tell you, what things WordPress SEO plugins do?

  • For a newbie, SEO plugins are the best way to get familiar with SEO terms and use. And it can get teach you what should you do, what are the mistakes you are doing?
  • Automatically generate meta descriptions for you.
  • Shows the errors of your posts before posting it.
  • Always updated with the Google’s latest algorithm.
  • Pre-loaded with a startup guide
  • Give notification about the site’s SEO issues.

Okay, now let’s know what are the best WordPress plugins for SEO:


1. Yoast SEO

Obviously, this plugin should place at the first for its super usability and accuracy. It is popular for another reason. Yoast SEO provides you with lots of flexibility for the contents you are about to upload.

It can generate a perfect Meta description, a title for you. It also shares information on your social pages. But if you are a pro, if you need more, you have always the option to unhide to advanced options. There you will find various custom fields and can use those to your preferences.

Setup of Yoast SEO plugin is so easy. You can install it from WordPress plugins or you can download the plugin from their website and upload it to your WordPress site.

Why Is It The Best Actually?

Yoast SEO does more things just to generate titles, meta descriptions.

  • You can make your XML sitemaps.
  • Can solve the keyword stuffing and keyword proximity issues and can make your content perfect for Google’s ranking.
  • It also solves the canonical issue of your site.
  • It discourages search engines to index login and registration pages.
  • It also no-index the search result pages of your site. From google, it is good practice to rank your site. And yoast do it for you completely done.


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2. All In One SEO Pack

You can hear lots about another best WordPress plugin for SEO is all in one SEO pack. This plugin is also a competitor of Yoast yoga for its popularity. How it gains this so much popularity? Let’s check below to know what it provides you:

  • It gives you the support in terms of the XML sitemap of your site (like Yoast do).
  • Support for canonical URL of your site (like Yoast does).
  • You can easily integrate google analytics with all in one SEO pack.
  • You can have custom post types in this SEO
  • It has free WooCommerce Integration.
  • It has the option of the automatic and manual meta description.
  • Very good premium support with video. (This feature is awesome!)

We have found this two WordPress plugins for SEO that might help you a lot. Whether you are a newbie or a pro in SEO, you definitely should use one plugin from any of those two to make your SEO more perfect and accurate.

What’s the best SEO plugin for you? You can let us know and give your opinion in our comment section.

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