How to Start A Blog Like An Expert | Beginner’s Guide

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So you are searching for how to start a blog to make money, right? If so, you are now the right place to start your first step. We will guide you to start your first blog like experts do.

The guide will be simple, clear, and you can easily understand the step with a short description. It will not take much of your time or you do not need to invest your full day in it. Just sit with a cup of coffee, your first blog will be visible within 20 minutes. Sound good? Let’s start.

But before Start . . .


Why Should You Start A Blog To Make Money?

Before taking any step or investing your time and money, you should obviously know why you are doing that. This is one of the important elements to become successful. So, let’s check out in a short, why you should start a blog:

  • Blogging is one of the most popular ways of connecting with people, expressing your thoughts, and spreading news and information.
  • It is the best way for writers to spread their writings and improve their writing skill. By blogging you can be a better writer and can be recognized worldwide.
  • You can be a published author.

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Choosing a blogging topic is the most important thing to know about how to start a blog. You need to find out which topics people are searching recently, on which topic your blog can be popular fast. Do your research, find out the demanding topic for your blog. Your blog should be something like people will enjoy.

But remember do not select a topic you cannot write on it. You definitely have the idea and knowledge about the blog topic you are about to select. If you do not know much about your blogging topic, you cannot write content for your blog on that topic.

Tips: You can hire a writer from online if you have not quality writing skill. As content is the main pillar of your blog, your writings should be unique and high quality to rank your blog. Where can you get a high-quality writer with the budget-friendly cost? Just check here to see the full directory experienced writers.



After choosing your topics you need to create your blog, right? To make or create your blog, you need a platform. Before thinking much or spending your time searching for it, you can read the awesome and details review of some best free blogging platforms.

To save your time, our recommendation is to use WordPress as your blogging platform in 2018. Because…

  • WordPress is beginner friendly platform
  • It makes blogging easy
  • Gives you plenty of easy customization opportunities
  • Preloaded with 5,000+ nice looking themes
  • You can have your own “.com” if you use WordPress as your blogging platform
  • Completely free

If you really up to how to start a blog, do not rush. Take a little bit of your time to make the decision of which blogging platform will suit you most.



Before talking about hosting we would like to talk about the domain name of your blog. To lunch a blog you need to have a name for your blog right? Try to choose an attractive and short domain name that will be easy to read. Try to select a domain name that goes to your blog topic completely. Search your blog domain name today and see what’s available.

So, now come to the hosting. Finding the right hosting for the first blog is difficult for the beginners. Simply, choose the hosting which will give you multiple subdomain options and a good amount of hosting space and bandwidth.

But do not go for higher priced hosting. Select low priced hosting for the first time of your blogging. Do not worry. You can upgrade or transfer your blog anytime to a new hosting package whenever you need.


Start a blog with Bluehost from here to get an exclusive discount on hosting with a free domain.


We have seen that most of the newbies face obstacle buying and setting up a hosting account. For them, we make a step by step guide on how to setup Bluehost hosting. Just check below thoroughly.

Setup Bluehost Hosting – Step 1:

First, go to the Bluehost website. After loading the home page you will see as the photo shows below. Click on the green colored tab “get started now”.




Setup Bluehost Hosting – Step 2:

After clicking on the “get started now” it will get you on the pricing list of Bluehost. Take some time, look out the pricing details of the package. Choose the package as your preference.

After taking your decision and see all the prices, you now have to click on “select” button to go to the next procedure.



Setup Bluehost Hosting – Step 3:

Now a new page will load on your computer screen having the option of choosing a domain name for your blog. That will look exactly the same as the picture below. You just need to choose the domain name available and click on “next”.



Note: If you already have a domain you have purchased before you need to enter your valid and registered domain name in the existing domain name option then click on “next”.


Setup Bluehost Hosting – Step 4:

In this step, you have to fill up a form with all of your valid information. The form will be like the image below.




Setup Bluehost Hosting – Step 5:

Now a new page will load having the package information in details. You will have the option of select extra features from Bluehost hosting. You can also select for how many years you need to buy the hosting package. It will be best to select the 3 years package. It will cost low overall.

But remember, this will charge for the each of the features. So, select only the feature you need as a beginner. We recommend choosing only “Domain Privacy Protection”. You do not need other features that you can see below.




Setup Bluehost Hosting – Step 6:

Now, it is the time to pay for the hosting you are about to buy. Select your preferred payment option and put your billing information. Then click on “submit” button to proceed with the final step.



Setup Bluehost Hosting – Step 7 (The Final Step):

Congrats! You will have successfully purchased your domain and hosting. Click on “Create your password” and enter your new password for your hosting account.



Note: if you have still facing problem creating a hosting account, just let us know. We will help you out.


Our recommended best hosting for your first blog:

  1. a2host – Lite and fast
  2. Bluehost – Most used and good quality
  3. Namecheap – Cheap and excellent support
  4. iPage – lite and cheap
  5. – fast & quality




See? We are moving fast now!

Designing your blog is for the readers of your website. If your blog looks nice in design and color and all the content can easy to read, easy to find, you can have a large number of organic visitors soon.

You can design your blog exactly how you want it to look by WordPress easily. It is easy and simple. You do not need to have any coding knowledge to make your blog by WordPress. (But coding knowledge will be plus. We will talk about it later part of how to start a blog.)

To design your blog in WordPress you need a theme to customize. There are lots of WordPress themes to choose from. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. Go the article to know which WordPress themes are the best for blogging?


Important: Learn WordPress and know how to design your blog beautifully.

Do you want to learn how to set up your WordPress and design your blog with the super easy method? We are here to help you out. Check the step by step guide on this beautiful article:

How To Setup WordPress and Design Your Blog



Cognates for reaching this step. This the most important step for your blog. This step can make your blog ranked and popular.

You have to post content continuously on your blog. Make a content plan and posting schedule. Try to update your old posts.

Either you can write articles for your blog with your own or you can hire a professional writer. But if you want to start your blog with a minimum budget, you can try to write your own at first.

We recommend hiring a professional writer for your blog if you have that budget. Because content is the pillar of any blog. A good blog with good content can easily increase the readers of your blog and rank fast. And more reader in your blog means more money in your wallet.



For beginners to expert, everybody needs some online resources to make their blog more beautiful. As a blogger, you need some resources to make your website customization easier. We have collected some best free resources to make your blogging easy. Here is the list of best free resources for blogging:

 1. Domain Name Research Tools: Namemesh

2. Blogging Platform: WordPress

3. Theme Providers: Themeforest

4. KW Research Tool: Google keyword planner

5. SEO Tools: Google search console

6. Analytic Tools: Google Analytics

7. E-mail Marketing Tools: Mailchimp

8. Social Media Marketing Tools: Bufferapp

9. Proof Reading: Grammarly

10. Image Site: Stockvault

Now, it is the time to go to the next part of how to start a blog. Here you will find the full costing idea before starting your blog. We have shown there the proper way to spend your money on blogging and how you can minimize your costing.

Comment us if you have any query.

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