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Make Website with WordPress is easy and fun. The customization of WordPress will amaze you. But building website without content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or others was very difficult for non-coders before 2004. But now the situation has been changed. Anyone can now build a website without coding at least once in his/her entire life with the help of a CMS called WordPress.

There are others but WordPress is an open platform and the easiest of all. Let’s check out the things you need to make your website with WordPress.


Make website with WordPress in no time


  1. The first things you’ll need are a domain name for your business and a hosting to connect the site with the rest of the world. Choosing a right hosting company and a suitable package is very important.

  2. The second thing is to install WordPress. Just go to the main page of the cPanel which is provided by your hosting company and see at the bottom of the page. Click on the WordPress logo and you’ll be good to go.
  3. After installing the WordPress CMS, you’ll notice that a free WordPress theme is already installed. It’s a very common one. So, you can change your theme according to your business idea. There are a lot of websites along with where you’ll find countless free and paid WordPress theme.


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  1. Now, it’s time to create some pages and posts, add those pages to a menu bar, and do the customization. The menu bar will help users for easy and quick navigation. There are numerous customization options. So, you’ll be able to set up your site with unique design ideas.
  1. The customization includes many things. We can shade some light on few of them. Go to the settings of your wp-admin page and do some basic changes.

a. The general section will allow you to edit your site title, tagline, create your own email address, and check if anyone can be a member of your website or not.

b. The writing and reading section should be checked to make some important changes. For example, you can decide whether Google should index your site before you finalize editing or not, and so on.

c.Those sections will give you the options to edit your time zone, make you decide whether people can comment or not, and many more.

d. Another important factor is deciding how the permalinks of your website will look like. There are a few options and you should choose carefully as you see fit. When you’re done, hit save changes to make sure the changes work.

To make website with WordPress you can also use some content builder. There’s a lot of content builder with lots of features. We have a details review of those content builders from various companies. Why not check them out?


  1. After that, you can add some plugins. The plugins are necessary for some security purposes and making the website look more appealing. Some very popular plugins are Contact Form 7, GetSiteControl, Yoast SEO, Google Analytics, etc.
  1. The final you need to ensure is mastering the customization options that WordPress allows. This will help you do more improvement to your site.

As WordPress is the most popular CMS for website making, it wouldn’t necessarily suggest that it is the best option. Choosing the best option varies from person to person with the level of knowledge in coding. For beginners and non-coders, WordPress is the best platform till now which is completely free to use.

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