What Is Uptime – Why You Need To Care For It?

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What Is Uptime

What is the uptime?

In general, Uptime is a computer terms list that speaks to the level of time that machine probably a computer, an IT framework, hosting server or gadget is effectively working. It measures the initial time when an IT framework is working.

If you understand ‘What is uptime’, you can simply take the idea about downtime. It refers to the contrast of uptime that defines or measures when a hardware is not working.

Uptime is measured by percentage; Example: 100% (it means zero downtime, but this is very rare in the earth). The standard percentage of uptime is known as “five 9s”. It means that the hardware or computer is 99.9% working for the all-time.

Uptime is very important when you are taking hosting service from a server. Uptime robot reviews the success metrics of your hosting providers. It is not easy to determine or value the quality of a service in numbers or percentage.

In case of Service Level Agreement (SLA) or hosting service agreement, hosting provider include uptime & downtime ration; it indicates the uninterrupted time a hosting service is operational. IT experts define uptime as the total operational or working time of a hardware. Suppose your computer is running 2 weeks continuously, that means ‘two weeks uptime’.


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Why Do You Need To Care For ‘Uptime’?

Uptime is very crucial since it implies that your hosting server is accessible. On the off chance that your site is not accessible then clearly, this negatively affects your business. Visitors cannot see your site so you may lose your brand value & others will take this chance to promote their value. You cannot send or get messages.

On the other hand, it also affects the site ranking in the google search console. Possibly Google sees that your site is inconsistent and this contrarily influences your positioning. Google needs to keep searchers upbeat and they will not send them to a site that has a low uptime.

That is why we need to take care Of ‘Uptime‘. But uptime scores sometimes misleading too.

Most of the hosting provides ensures 99.9% uptime score. However, you have no verification way unless blindly trust them.

If your hosting has 99% uptime score; you have 1% downtime too. That means after 99 minutes of working, the server goes offline for 1 minute. Over a week, downtime expands up to 1hour 40minutes & 48 seconds. And over a year it touches 87 hours approximately; which means three days.

99% uptime means a 3-day offline per year. From the same mathematical view;

98% uptime = 7.3 days/per year,

99.5% uptime= 1.83 days/per year &

99.9% uptime= 8.8 hours/per year.

Now look over here very carefully, suppose your sites monthly sales is 2000$, then 98% uptime hosting server will reduce sales up to 40$ per month. And yearly the amount goes up to 480$. You will not just lose your sales also your customer and search engine trust.

So when you take hosting package, check their uptime percentage. I suggest just joining with a service provider that offers an ensured uptime of 99.5% or higher. Most providers ensure 99% at least. Do not hesitate to comment if you have any questions. I would be happy to answer. Thank you for being here. And please be active here with your like, comment and share.

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