WordPress Vs Website Builder – Which One You Should Choose in 2018?

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Today we will try our best to remove your doubt between WordPress vs website builder, for your next DIY project.

Well, most of us think WordPress as website builder but it’s not. WordPress is the #1 content management platform, in short, known as CMS (content management system) like Drupal, Magneto and lots more. WordPress started for the bloggers in the early stage. But the massive expansion of technological and online trends takes WP into a different dimension. Now you can build any of your sites via the WordPress platform. But you have to go through a basic & advanced (optional) learning process to launch your site on WordPress.

Through WordPress looks like website builder tools but here is the main difference between WordPress vs website builder,

The website builder is a simple drag & drop tool that leads you to build your site without any type of programming knowledge. There are thousands of themes are available there. Just pick a theme based on your niche, simply drag & place the content (article, image, video etc.) as your wish and ends up with a professional look.


However, WordPress never allows dragging & dropping & you have to pass a learning curve to work on WordPress. Yet it ensures much flexibility that attracts millions of sites under this platform. It has a huge community and store of awesome plugins, themes and lots more. But web builder is easy to use.


So, Which One You Should Choose in 2018?

Well! It depends on you, but we are here to show the upsides & downsides of WordPress vs website builder based on some metrics. Here are they:


1. Flexibility

We already mention it. WordPress is much flexible but you have to keep basic knowledge. If you have a thought for something, you can presumably discover a WordPress plugin for it. On other side website builder in less flexible but very easy to use.


2. Visual interface vs form interface

Website builder has the visual interface that permits to drag and upload content in your site & see what your page looks on in real time. In contrast, WordPress provides a form interface to edit & upload content in your site.


3. Ease of use

In case of installing a theme or plugin to work on WordPress, you may require to edit code in some place. Not everyone on this planet has coding/programming knowledge. S in this case website builder is ease of use. You don’t need to write any single code here.


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4. Expense

WordPress is an open source CMS platform. You can build your site free. But to give professional look on your site you need to hire a professional coder, which is more expensive. On another hand, most of the web builder offers 15$- 20$/ per month and gets a professional look without tweaking any line of code.


5. Hosting

Most of the website builders offer their own hosting service. You just need to buy the domain and connect it with your builder. In such case, WordPress doesn’t provide hosting service. You have to buy the domain, hosting and also needs to learn about, how to links WordPress files to hosting. It seems annoying to work on WordPress, right? But here is the main advantage of using WordPress; you can change or move to new hosting if it offers better performance. But on website builders, you can never leave their host.


The Bottom Line

Both WordPress & website builders have upsides & downsides. So pick the right one that understands your demand. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any question. We would be happy to answer. Thank you for being here. And please be active here with your like, comment and share.

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